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  • With its elegant and sophisticated crafting, the glazed ceramic lamp in vibrant turquoise material consists of one piece skillfully crafted with vertical grooves. Entirely handmade, it is an expression of high quality craftsmanship made by a skilful potter.

  • This iron lamp or candle holders, designed and made with traditional crafting techniques, inspired by local tradittion, with decorations such as lapwings, moorhens, the sun and the moon.

  • The profile of a mining landscape, story of a recent past that still characterises the environment where this ceramist lives because of the buildings of industrial archaeology, is realised using the refined naked raku technique in a fine design in this decorative panel made up of three m

  • The chair, an archetypal symbol of hospitality, is interpreted by the three ceramists of Terrapintada with different traits in prized stylistic solutions blended together so as to form a greatly expressive project.

  • The precious workmanship and materials of the messenger bag are made of wool while the lining is made of fabric and the flap of natural leather inspired by ancient garments. Tailored by hand, it is the result of a careful process of creation, genuinely inspired by the island's identity.