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  • The elegant pattern of Sardinian tradition, is gancios, is replicated on the whole surface of the large wool rug with minimal colours and a balanced large-meshed composition.

  • This fabric cushion, woven on a traditional heddle loom, features an elegant geometrical design crafted on a neutral raw linen cloth.

  • This black ceramic decorative object, shaped and hand-decorated with the bucchero technique, features the shape of a "puffer fish" and it is part of the collection dedicated to the marine world which includes three different types of fish, characterized by the same technique but available in diff

  • This precious cotton, silk and golden thread tapestry, is hand-made on a traditional loom. The complex decoration typical of the traditional monstrance, is supported by two stylised figures of human shape. The composition is a collection of precious motifs.

  • This food container featuring the delicate colours of natural clay and white, skillfully crafted and engraved, includes elements of the plant world: a wide floral decoration underlines the background, delicate flower branches draw the edge.