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  • Moorish elements of Mediterranean culture are arranged with fine decorative motifs in the complex surface of the large ornamental plate. Being a high-quality piece, it is characterized by the uniqueness of the realization that testify to a clearly sensitive creative process.

  • The sophisticated touch of the baroque pearl and the small emeralds which surround it, as if they were resting on a polished silver surface, connected by a thin wire, is the main feature of the simple design of this bracelet, a precious object of exquisite taste and workmanship.

  • Featuring the traditional griffin motif, this carpet is made of Sardinian wool on a flat handloom with the solid a pibiones technique.

  • The dynamism of shapes of the glass vase is emphasised by the high quality rendering of the copper decoration, its organic structure, emerging from the irregular blue petrol transparencies.

  • The charming shape of the seahorse pendant features a gold filigree pendant crafted entirely by hand. This jewel of an elegant and refined taste is part of the collection inspired by the marine world, that includes rings, pendants, brooches and tie-offs for necklaces, made of gold, silver, burnis